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Bye for now. January 8, 2007

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Blogging turned out to be kind of boring. So until something else happens, this blog will be inactive from now on. Bye.


The seven ways that people search the Web. August 15, 2006

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In the wake of the AOL search log fuckup, you can now analyze and search the logs at splunked.com. Using that site, some guy called Paul Boutin has identified the seven ways that people search the Web. I’m an “Omnivore” myself, but my absolute favorite is of course the “Basketcase”.

US planned Lebanon War months before August 14, 2006

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Interesting CNN clip where Seymour Hersh, the guy who broke the Abu Ghraib story, reveals he has confirmed with insiders that the US and Israeli governments had long before planned that any incident, no matter how small, would ignite a broad and punishing response by Israel in a preemptive move for US to eventually start a war with Iran. Why am I not surprised? Well, perhaps because of the blog entry I did a few months ago?

Half of U.S. still believes Iraq had WMD August 8, 2006

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Yahoo! News reports that according to a recent poll, half of the American population still believes there were ABC weapons stockpiled in Iraq. No reason to be surprised, I guess, since the American government has always excelled in propaganda and disinformation. Also covered in the article is the recent intelligence report released by two Republican senators – one of them Rick Santorum, one of the greatest assholes ever to have a public office. The report states that no less than 500 chemical warheads have been found. Problem is, they’re orphans. Dud, abandoned warheads. Ah well.

(For those of you who have taken my advice and read the greatest sex-advice column in the world, Savage Love, the name might ring a bell. Yes, it’s that very same senator whose surname got hijacked by Dan Savage, the column’s author. Nowadays, “santorum” also means “the frothy matter of lube and fecal matter that sometimes is the byproduct of anal sex“.)

JMJ shows ’em how it’s done July 31, 2006

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This video clip from SonicState features electronic music hero Jean-Michel Jarre on stage. Live knob-twisting galore – electronic music artists of today should view this and be ashamed of themselves.

“At last, a good argument for charging $150 for a pair of jeans.” June 29, 2006

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Headline is a comment from a friend who saw clothing brand Sha├»’s new site, Sexpacking, for the first time. At last a clothing designer who embraces the fact that our lust for the clothing is usually secondary to the lust for the models. It even comes in three flavors: men/women, men/men and women/women. Enjoy, kids – but beware: most certainly not safe for work.

Cannes Gold Lion award winner loses lion at beach afterparty June 28, 2006

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All right. Long time, no see. Not that anyone actually reads this weblog – I think I efficiently killed any possible interest by not posting in three and a half months – so it doesn’t really matter much if i post this little diamond here or not. But this shit is way too funny not to post anywhere or try to spread. So remember where you read it first.

In any case, Swedish web agency Farfar lost their award at a beach afterparty, after winning a Cannes Cyber Gold Lion. Apparently, the winners got tired of lugging the award around and digged it down… Round of applause for these guys, glad to see there’s still some rock’n’roll in the web business. Don’t miss the video link.

The next major US challenge March 9, 2006

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US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice once said that there is a Middle Eastern country that is determined to develop nuclear weapons, is the “central banker for terrorism” in the Middle East and a block to democracy. You might think you know the answer, but it’s not Iraq. You see, having decided to pull out in 2007, the US and UK needs a new reason to stay in the area. And since the same arguments worked like a charm last time, why not use the same ones but switch country? Yes! Let’s go to Iran!

And on a related note, a recent Gallup poll reveals that more than half of the American population agrees with the statement “God created man exactly how the Bible describes it”.

Yes, it’s fascism. February 11, 2006

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Must-read over at Adbusters about the shape of things in the world, especially America.

“10 Reasons Behind Islamic Terror” and further ranting about those damn cartoons February 10, 2006

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Here’s a great post over at the Annalog about so-called “muslim violence”. A comment on the same article on Newsvine neatly sums it up:

“They aren’t burning down embassies because of a cartoon, they are burning down embassies because we’ve shit on them and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

On a related note, Kofi Annan hit the spot today with this quote:

“Let me say that, honestly, I do not understand why any newspaper will publish the cartoons today. It is insensitive, it is offensive, it is provocative, and they should see what has happened around the world. This does not mean that I am against freedom of speech, or freedom of the press. Yes, I am for that, but as I have indicated in the past, freedom of speech is not a license. It does entail exercising responsibility and judgment, and quite honestly I cannot understand why any editor will publish cartoons at this time which inflames, and pours oil on the fire.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Maybe that’s why he’s the Secretary General, and not me.